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Details On Long-Term Care Insurance

By administrator | Aug 18, 2015

Details On Long-Term Care Insurance
News from Millionaire Corner:

Approximately eight million Americans own long-term care insurance, but policy purchases are dropping annually.

Ask anyone who has had to use it and they will tell you long-term care insurance is a wonderful purchase.

But long-term care insurance remains a hard sell, in part due to cost and in part due to not knowing whether you will ever need to use it.

Spectrem’s latest whitepaper, Decisions Regarding Long-Term Care Insurance, looks at the prevalence of purchases among Americans and the many factors that might cause someone to avoid buying long-term care insurance.

Long-term care insurance is a policy purchased for someone who wants to avoid the significant bills that will come up when they need to be cared for, either in a nursing home or care facility. John Hancock and Genworth Life are two of the companies that sell the most long-term care insurance policies in the United States.

Long-term care is a hot topic now that millions of Baby Boomers are entering the stage where their health, both physical and mental, can be affected by old age and they require significant and continuous health care.</…………… continues on Millionaire Corner

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