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Long-Term Care Insurance

By administrator | Dec 17, 2013

Long-Term Care Insurance
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Nobody ever thinks they’re going to end up in a nursing home, but a majority of all retirees will need some kind of long-term care. 

Assisted living costs average about $ 40,000 a year.  A nursing home can run more than $ 80,000 a year. But getting long-term care insurance to cover those costs isn’t easy or cheap.

Ron and Edna Scott just celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary.

“I got home the 15th of November ’46 and I said Edna let’s get married and she said, ‘When?’ I said, ‘Now,’ and we were married a month later,” Ron Scott said.

Ron is still by Edna’s side at the Prince of Peace nursing home. Edna suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and Ron took care of her at home until she had a stroke. 

“Sure it’s hard, the first two weeks, I would leave here and she’d look at me like, ‘What are you doing?’  I felt so sad,” Ron said.

It’s stressful enough for Ron to put Edna in the nursing home, but when the bill came, he had a little relief thanks to his long-term care insurance policy. 

“A few years ago, I thought one of us will end up in a nursing home,” Ron said.

Ron took out the policy 20 years ago and then upped his coverage more than a decade ago, paying nearly $ 300 a month in premiums; but when he added it up, it made sense. 

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